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My fun family!


I am a married mother of 3. Heidi is my step daughter who has the biggest heart of an 11 year old I know! My son Lukas is my first born. He is so smart, loves cars and is very particular of how he wants things! He is most definitely in his terrible threes! And my sweet little princess Leia is almost 2. she is very sassy and will throw a major tantrum if she doesn’t get her way now! But she is also very cuddly and loving and has the cutest dimples! My husband loves everything outdoors, and subarus or jeeps. And we have an old dog named Gracie. She was with me through many of my hard times these last 11 years.

Now that you know about my family, I want to lead you into the life that is me. My brain never stops. My husband doesnt understand how I can think about so many different things at once. But with all my ideas rolling around in my head, I have to spit them out somewhere! I came up with an idea of how to’s because they are a great way to easily read what the main points of the article is about. You can use how to’s for everything! And my initials are b u, which also signifies be you. As a lifestyle blog I want to show my readers my opinions of how to just be yourself through different life’s journeys.

So join me as we continue to grow together learning many different aspects of life, through my life. I guarantee you there will be laughs, tears, and ah ha moments! It will be something you can come back to whenever you want!

My babies!